Products and Services

  • Car trailers:
    • For horse transport
    • For dog transport
    • Mobile shop trailers
    • Small cold storages
  •  Truck and van racks:
    • Bakery racks
    • Portable cold storages and mini cold storages
    • Racks for horse transport
  • Roof spoiler and sleeping cabins
  • Slides for children
  • Vineyard bins and tubs for plums
  • Machine processing


Car trailers:

Horse trailers: company Europlast is the only producer of such trailers in Croatia. Our trailers have an attractive design and can be used for transport of two or three horses. Trailers have a weight of 1610 kg, a total length of 6,0m and a total height of 3,20m. Some of the special features of our trailers are also space for the owner with bed, closet and on demand bath, kitchen and other elements.

Other trailers: company Europlast is also producing other types of trailers. There are our dog trailers, mobile shop trailers – travelling sales stand and also small cold storages for car or van traction.

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