About the company

The company „Europlast“ was founded in 1998, and since then it is successfully developing few different production programs which can be divided into four basic production ranges:

  • Production of different products from polyester
  • Production of specialty trailers
  • Expansions of specialty trucks
  • Machine processing

Longtime experience in production and producing practically only for the demanding European market, are a good guarantee for quality and good prices of our products. In the beginning of our business development, we had only four employees and were producing mostly products from armed polyester. After two years, producing plastic parts for horse trailers, we took over the assembling and mounting of complete horse trailers, in agreement with our German partner – company Steinsberger GmbH. In the meantime, continuously developing and employing new workers, we have developed three own trailer models which are good selling on the demanding EU market. Our company is employing 32 employees at the moment, but it is obviously that this number will grow this year. Our intention is, in near future, to increase the horse trailer production significantly, and to take over the extensions production for horse trucks from our German partner. According to this we intend to replace the existing equipment with new one and to buy more additional equipment needed for production of the new trailer type.

The reference list of companies which are using our products ( Volvo, Neoplan, Liebherr, Steinsberger) and really big interest of existing and potential new customers make us believe and gives us the right to be optimistic and to hope for better results in future.